Who’s life have you touched today?

Did you know that you touch someone’s life everyday whether you mean to or not?

Did you know we all have someone watching us at all times and wow, now we have this thing called “social media” where we have stalkers watching and looking at our every move because we are constantly posting where we are, what we are doing, and what we are eating….I’m saying all of this to hopefully encourage you to make an effort to smile and give someone a genuine compliment every day. I promise it will make you feel better and your life will be blessed by doing so! Here, at Signature Beauty Bar, we believe everyone is special and should be treated so at all times. Just ask anyone who has celebrated with us here. Check out our Facebook page – click like us and post one nice compliment about someone who is least expecting it from your Facebook page and we will enter you and your friend into a drawing for a free blowout, and guess what….Just for making a nice post, we will automatically give you $5 off your next blowout. Click here to like our Facebook page and make someone feel special. Remember…Live beautifully and always dress to the nines!